Vestry Meeting |Minutes

 Monday, December 14, 2020 | 7:00pm  | Meeting location Zoom


 Meeting called by        David Creese (Senior


Type of meeting          Regular Transition Vestry


Facilitator(s)               David Creese/Egerton

Forster Jones

Note taker                   Theodosia M. Edwards

Timekeeper                 N/A


Attendees: Members present: Deanie Anderson Egerton Forster-Jones David Creese

Theodosia Edwards Sandra Bramble Donald Davies Leslie Wilson Richard Gabbidon

Fredericka Hamilton

Neil Knights Julius Morrison Naomi Scott Kenny Bramble Joan Stuart


(Alfred During/Sonia Anderson - update on printer)

(Kevin Stewart & partner - presentation pitch for solar system)


 Absences: Andrew Asaboro (Youth Representative); Kendall Bramble; Leslie Rogers-Wright.




Proposed agenda shared with the vestry on December 12, 2020 via WhatsApp.

 Agenda – Vestry meeting

Monday, December 14th, 2020

 1.   Opening Prayers

2.  Minutes

3.   Matters arising from minutes

4.  New Business

●   Stewardship Committee-Annual Pledge Drive

●   Donation from the diocese-thank you letter

●   Final payment to Father Darko with letter

●   Update on printer contracts

●   Church audit update

●   Solar Panel

●   Vestry elections logistical plan

5.   Resolution on the TimeShare and next steps

6.  Report from the Finance Committee

7.   Budget for year 2021

8.  Junior Warden updates



 ●    Meeting started at 7:07pm. Opening prayer -Prayer offered by Kevin Stewart (representative from the solar company).

Item #1 Solar Presentation

 ●    Discussion: Two men shared about the savings associated with solar energy. They shared that the government provides funding to offset costs. One of them stated that some organizations rent out solar panels, while others sell them.

●    They stated that if the church pays about $2400 each year for electricity, in 10 years, the church would pay $24,000. Once the payment is completed for the solar panel, no bills will be paid by the church for energy. Our current average bill for energy is $400.

●   According to the presenters, the church will see financial benefits through 2044.


Conclusion: The vestry will discuss the pros and cons of installing solar panels at the church before a vote is taken.



 Item #2 New Business: Update on printer contracts


 ●    According to Sonia Anderson, per Mr. Isaac Washington-who was the copier salesperson, a check for $32,000 was previously presented to Kojo Dixon to pay off the previous copier. The church cashed the check, did not pay for the copier, and returned one of the copiers. Ultimately, the church received three different copiers from Toshiba.

●    Per Sonia Anderson and Ebun During, they reached out to the payment recovery company and they negotiated a payoff amount. The amount to be paid now is $16,000 instead of $47,000.

●    Mr. Washington from Toshiba will provide $22,000 to the church. The church will get a new copier which is smaller. The church will not begin to make payments until March of 2021. The monthly bill will be $590. The current bill is $910.

●   The church can renew the contract in 3 years.

●   The deal negotiated by the church representatives is good through December 18th. If not,

renegotiation will need to restart.




 The vestry needs to discuss and agree to the terms discussed between the church and the representatives who negotiated with them.




Deacon Bramble and Davivd Creese will review the various specs from the new printer during installation.


A request can also be made to Mr. Washington to provide the specs of the new copier.

Deacon Bramble, David Creese, Ebun During and Sonia Anderson



A copy of the contract will be shared with the vestry.

Deanie Anderson

No timeline provided.


Item #3 Report from the Finance Committee

 Discussion: Mr. Egerton Forster-Jones shared a report from the Finance Committee.

●   Proposed budget of $95,000

●   Salaries for church staff

●   Organist-19,987

●   Director of Music -$15,934.88

●   Church Administrator- $23,196.42

●   Utilities -Pepco average $7200

●   Mr. During will review the utility bills to determine if money can be saved.

●   No line item identified for janitorial services.

●   Church insurance $7200 needs to be repaid to the diocese.

●   Proposal to renegotiate the salary contracts of the three staff.

●   The Women and Men and St. John’s will pay for janitorial services when church resumes.

Deanie stated that they have already received quotes from three vendors.



●    The vestry will vote to accept the recommendation for janitorial services from the men and women’s group.





Discussion: Vestry members were given time to review the minutes which they had received electronically on 11/24/20.

 Item #5 Corrections to the minutes-

 Discussion: Correction none.

Conclusion: Amended minutes accepted and seconded by David Creese and Noami Scott respectively.



 Item #6 Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting Minutes/New Business: Stewardship

Committee-Annual Pledge Drive


 ●    Vestry members should read the plan sent by the Stewardship Committee. The committee is asking the vestry to reach out to members via telephone to ask them to pledge more.




Vestry members should read the plan sent by the Stewardship Committee.


 The committee is asking the vestry members to reach out to members via telephone to ask them to increase their pledges with $100 more each month.


 Fredericka will provide a list of reliable pledgers from 2019 to the Stewardship Committee. They will call members to encourage them to pledge.

Fredericka Ortiz


Announcements will be made to encourage members to give an extra $100 each month for pledges.


 Item #7 New Business: Donation from the diocese-thank you letter


●   Payment still pending until the check from the diocese is received.


●   Payment still pending.



 Item #8 New Business: Final payment to Father Darko with letter


●    Payment still pending until the check from the diocese is received.


●   Payment still pending.



 Item #9 New Business: Church audit update


●   No additional updates available. Joan and Fredericka continue to search for documents from

2018 and 2019. They haven’t been able to locate a lot of documents.

●   Fredericka has reached out to Kojo and he still refuses to provide support.


 ●    The senior warden will reach out to Kojo Dixon who apparently is upset that some members of the vestry have expressed their lack of confidence in his undertaking of the tasks as a treasurer.





 Item #10 New Business: Vestry elections logistical plan


 ●    Announcements made about the vestry elections. Volunteers needed to form the elections subcommittee.

●    Brian Roman will create the list of eligible voters and will disseminate to the vestry and the membership.

●    An announcement will be made on the Whatsapp group to ask for outgoing vestry members to supervise the elections process.


●   Logistical plans are on-going.





Item #11 Resolution on the TimeShare and next steps




●   14 of the time share properties are sold. Three remaining.

●   The management company will send a written update outlining the details about the

timeshare property.


●   To be determined.



 Item #12 Junior Warden updates


●   The boiler has not been serviced in the past two years. Mr. Egerton will reach out to Al’s or

Earls (Sic) Air LLC  to come out to service the boiler.

●   We used to get a free service from Lennox. Unfortunately, Lennox has not responded to calls.

●   Junior Warden is still looking for a bulk trash picking company to pick up the bulk trash from

the church. Mr. Egerton will give the employee from the company a call.

●   The trash people are still saying that we owe them $400 even though they had been

withdrawing money from the church’s account. We need to find another trash picking



●   The boiler needs servicing.



 Item #13 Any Other Business (AOB)


●   The Bishop is requesting to visit the church on June 20th, 2021.


●   The Bishop is requesting to visit the church on June 20th, 2021.



 Next vestry meeting:

●   Vestry meeting will be on January 11th, 2021.

●   Agenda for the next meeting will be provided.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by Leslie Wilson and seconded by Theodosia M. Edwards.

Closing Prayer:  Donald Davies said the closing prayer.


In His Service,

Theodosia M. Edwards

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