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May 2019

Vestry Meeting

May 13, 2019

Meeting called to order at 12:19PM with the opening prayer said by Fr. Darko

Present: Fr. Daniel Darko; David Creese (Senior Warden); Cheryl Thomas (Junior Warden); Joan Stuart (Ass. Treasurer); Kendall Bramble; Theodosia Edwards; Leslie Wilson; Donald Davies; Richard Gabbidon; Kanecia Bentick;

Absent: Nyashia Knights (Youth Rep); Julius Morrison; Naomi Scott; Arthur Dixon (Treasurer); Simeon Asaboro

The minutes for April 28, 2019 were accepted with corrections by Richard Gabbidon and seconded by Theodosia Edwards.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

Leslie Wilson apologized that he was unable to provide March 2019 minutes before he was called away.

At the April meeting Joan Stuart was asked to secure a copy of the audits from Arthur Dixon, however Fr. Darko reported the this would not be possible as Arthur  Dixon reported that there was no funds to pay for the audits and the company would demand immediate payment thus the finances have not been audited for several years.

Treasurer Report

Arthur Dixon was not present for the meeting; however he provided a copy of the financial report. Unfortunately he did not provide any insight into what was reported so the Vestry was unable to discuss and issues that were seen. This triggered a lengthy discussion on the need to reinstated a working Financial Committee.

At the April meeting Joan Stuart was tasked with compiling a list of all current bills and open accounts and then creating a comparison against the bank statements from January to April 2019. A list was provided but several holes were identified. There were several outstanding items identified and she requested a meeting with Arthur Dixon to discuss. She also reported that she did not have access to the computer system and the files. The Vestry mandated that Leslie Rogers-Wright has would create her access in the Financial Office within the week.

The report was moved to be accepted by Cheryl Thomas and seconded by Leslie Wilson for audit.

Priest-in-Charge Report

Fr. Darko has asked that all members of the Vestry to read both their handbook and Vestry bi-laws as this will assist them in their office of Vestry membership.

All Vestry members were asked to register and attend the upcoming meeting of “Becoming Good Soil –Stewardship of our Assets” to be held on June 6th at San Mateo/St. Matthew’s parish in Hyattsville. The link was shared with the entire group.



Junior Warden Report

George Nicole a Civil Engineer with the Prince Georges County government was invited to address the Vestry in assisting in making the decision on which contract would best suit the parish needs in repairing the roof of the Father Brown Room(FBR). Cheryl Thomas shared the contracts that were received with him prior to attending the meeting. He reviewed all the contracts as followed:

Landmark General Contractors - $39,000

  • 10 yrs manufactures warrantee

  • 5 yrs labor warrantee

Harry & Son - $38,000

  • 20 yr warrantee (fabricates all material onsite)

ORT Construction - $14,500

  • 12 yrs manufactures warrantee

  • 5 yrs labor

Mr. Nicole then recommended ORT Construction because he has previously worked with this contractor on both government projects and was willing to vouch for his workmanship.

The Vestry voted unanimously for Cheryl Thomas and Richard Gabbidon to finalize a package with ORT Construction.

Youth Report

Youth representative was absent ; thus no report was provided.

Stewardship& Evangelism Report

No report provided.


Meeting was adjourned with a prayer at (1:42PM) with a motion from Cheryl Thomas and seconded by David Creese


Respectfully submitted by

Diana Edwards (Clerk)

April 2019

Vestry Meeting

April 14, 2019

Meeting called to order at 12:00PM with the opening prayer said by Fr. Darko

Present: Fr. Daniel Darko; David Creese; Joan Stuart; Arthur Dixon; Simeon Asaboro; Theodosia Edwards; Cheryl Thomas; Naomi Scott; Donald Davies; Richard Gabbidon

Absent: ; Kanecia Bentick; Julius Morrison; Nyashia Knights; Leslie Wilson

The minutes for March, 2019 were not available

Treasurer Report

General  statement showed a deficit of $31,250.36

Fr. Darko stated that the statement did not reflect that he and Sandra Bramble are owed a total of $8,000 back payments

It was noted that the outstanding balance for Washington Gas was not listed on the statement by was on the list of Accounts Payable.

After reviewing Donald Davies asked to view the bills and receipt to see what was outstanding. Fr. Darko said that the Vestry could not see the individual bills but rather they would be able to see an Executive Summary. Joan Stuart volunteered to create a spreadsheet to track all bills and their payments. Fr. Darko ased that she work with Arthur to compile for the next Vestry meeting (May 19, 2019).

Arthur was reminded that the Audit Reports are needed in response to a request from the Vestry; staff salary details were also requested.

The report was moved to be accepted by Donald and seconded by Naomi for audit.

Priest-in-Charge Report

Nothing to report

Senior Warden Report

Nothing to report


Junior Warden Report

Contractors for the Roof – we received four (4) quotes in the amounts of $14,500; $38,775; 38,646 (Harry & Son); $54,640.

The Roof Committee met two weeks prior to this Vestry meeting and would like to use the lowest quote received.  However, Cheryl Thomas has reservations and would like a decision made within the coming week using the quote from Harry & Son as the benchmark as it was the most detailed.

The Cleaning Company has refused to return as they were not paid for the months of February and March. Arthur said he sent out a payment but they have not returned. There are two suggestions to address the situation

  1. Ask the parish organizations to be responsible for the cleaning until or finances improve;

  2. Keyan offered to do the cleaning, however, the cost associated was not determined.

Contacted the tiler who will be working on the FBR and asked that they be available at the same time that the roofers begin in order to minimize the cost and only use one dumpster.

Still pricing tiles for the space (1928 sq ft)

Fr. Darko suggested that the Vestry pass a mandate allowing Cheryl Thomas and Richard Gabbidon to make the final decision and sign a final contract.

There will be an appeal to the parishioners to contribute the products needed to maintain the facility, such as, toilet paper, etc.

The report was moved to be accepted by David and seconded by Simeon.

Youth Report

Was not present

Stewardship& Evangelism Report

Was not present


Meeting was adjourned with a prayer at (3:00 PM) with a motion from Naomi and seconded by Theodosa


Respectfully submitted by

Diana Edwards (Clerk)

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