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2024 Pledge Form




Pledging has never been easier!

Support your church by making weekly pledges online by using our ONLINE FORM. Once you click on the information, we will receive your contribution that would be put towards the general fund. Please enquire about receiving end of year statements for tax purposes. 


You can also EMAIL your Pledge form to us. Please see details below on how you can do that. Thank you for your contributions!



How to submit your pledge form via email:

1. Click on the download icon (the box below). This will open a copy of the form on your computer.


2. This is a 'fillable' PDF form. You can click boxes to select committee preferences on the first page, and on the second page, if you wish to pledge one of the selected amounts, select 'Yes' in the right-hand column in the table - or use a blank line at the bottom of the table(s) to enter a specific pledge amount.


3. At the bottom, type the date, your current envelope number (if you have one for 2023), and your name and address.  in the spaces provided.

4. SAVE the completed form to your computer.


5. Address an email to and be sure to ATTACH your completed pledge form to the email.


6. SEND the EMAIL!

 Thank you!

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