The Vestry

Role of the Vestry

According to the by-laws of St. John’s Parish, “The duties of the Vestry include
responsibility for management of Parish assets, decisions regarding financial obligations and contractual matters, participation in Annual and Special Parish Meetings, and such other duties as are consonant with applicable Federal and State law, and with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Washington.” Thus the Vestry is the group of people that has the legal authority and accountability to expend and invest funds on behalf of the members of the parish and to provide for the upkeep of the property. Vestry members also serve as liaison between the parishioners and the clergy and parish staff.

While clergy are responsible for a congregation’s spiritual and pastoral needs,
parishioners with concerns about parish management or upkeep should bring them to a member of the Vestry.

Some of the ways the Vestry carries out these responsibilities are: adopting a parish
budget, organizing the Annual Parish Meeting, managing the use of the property, and approving extraordinary or emergency expenditures or purchases. When the time comes, it is also the responsibility of the Vestry to call a Rector who, among his or her other duties, serves as the chairperson of the Vestry.

The Vestry


Chairperson …

 (The Senior Warden is currently the acting chair.)
Senior Warden … David Creese
Junior Warden …  Egerton Forster-Jones

Class of 2021

Julius Morrison

Naomi Scott

Leslie Wilson

​Class of 2022

Kendall Bramble

Donald Davies

Theodosia Edwards

Class of 2023

Deanie Anderson

Richard Gabbidon

Leslie Rogers-Wright


​Youth Representative
Andrew Asaboro


​Clerk … Theodosia Edwards
Treasurer … Arthur Kojo Dixon

Assistant Treasurer ... Joan Stuart

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