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Worshipping at St. John's

Worshipping at St. John's

At the heart of our church life is the beautiful worship tradition of the Episcopal Church, as part of the world-wide Anglican communion. In-person Sunday worship services are held at 10:00 a.m. We hope that you will be fed, nurtured, and sustained by our liturgy.

In-Person Worship

Join us at 10:00 a.m. Sundays for celebration of the Holy Eucharist, except on the second Sunday of each month, at which time Morning Prayer will be offered. Masks are now optional. Communion wafers are currently distributed as well as wine served in individual cups.

Worship Tradition

The Episcopal Church is sometimes called a “bridge” church, because of our strong affinities with both Roman Catholic and other Protestant churches and our respect for all faith traditions. Our worship consists of music, prayers, readings from Scripture, and a sermon, followed by what we call the celebration of Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion, a sacred act of remembering and reliving Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. All who seek Christ are welcome to receive Holy Communion. 


Our worship is traditional in many ways and quite innovative in others. It is that combination of tradition and innovation that gives the Episcopal Church its distinct feel.

Worship Music

St. John's Church has a rich musical tradition of choral music and congregational music. Hymns and Service Music are chosen from Hymnal 1982 as well as from LEVAS hymnals. Choral anthems, sung by our Choir are drawn from a wide traditional repertoire from England and America, both historical and modern compositions. 

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